Ipa Ii Framework Agreement Albania

How to access grants granted aid instruments ex… New 2014-2020 Aid Programme for Candidate Countries The other part of aid (Volet II) supports cross-border cooperation activities between Albania and EU Member States, as well as with candidate and potential candidate countries. It can also help Albania to participate in the Structural Funds` transnational cooperation programmes within the framework of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument. The aim of the pre-accession aid programme (IAP) aid is to help candidate countries and potential candidate countries and territories – beneficiaries – to make progress in full compliance with Copenhagen`s political and economic criteria, as well as in the adoption and implementation of the EU acquis. Actions with several beneficiaries will complement and enhance the assistance provided under national programmes. An independent and effective judiciary; Supporting the police in the fight against organised crime; Anti-corruption; Compliance with human rights conventions. How will these priorities be implemented? (general context of the IAP). Part of the aid (Volet I) focuses on the implementation of the main priorities of the European partnership. It includes investments and measures to establish institutions, as well as transitional and stabilization measures that are still needed in the Western Balkans. It is implemented through annual national and multi-benefit programmes.

Improved infrastructure and regional connectivity; Improving road safety strengthening interoperability (cross-border technical compatibility). Promote regional networks, reconciliation and good-neighbourly relations; promote sustainable local development in border areas. alignment with EU law and standards; Improving waste and water treatment Fighting air pollution. Grants for projects that aim to create an area where Hyuman`s equality and rights… Subsidies for projects to support the development and consolidation of the… Tentative financial allocation for the period 2014-2020: 639.5 million eurosThe priority aid sectors of this period are: competitiveness and innovation, agriculture and rural development, subsidies to promote greater economic integration in ASEAN and to strengthen the… Promoting business competitiveness Greater market integration Improving the business environment Tourism development . . .

Subsidies for projects aimed at continuing the development of a European judicial area in… Implementation of the 2007-2013 PPI is still ongoing.

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