Loch Arkaig Animal Sculptures part 4: Lynx detail

The next stage of the creation of the four Loch Arkaig sculptures is the most exciting. Having created a solid framework and built it up with the wood salvaged from the site, now is the time when the sculptures really start to develop.

The lynx is the first to be given special attention. I’m happy enough with the general shape but need to work on the head and the feet in particular. I have several pieces of driftwood with an ideal surface pattern for this piece.

Some sculptures benefit from the addition of colour, whether it is a light wash or perhaps something bold. Others look better if left as natural wood and I think the lynx is most likely to fall into the second category.

The eyes are very important for my driftwood sculptures. Sometimes I find a natural knot in a piece of wood that suggests the eye of a creature and others are left hollow. The lynx has very distinctive eyes and skin markings and after today’s session the head is starting to appear more “cat-like”.

After adding further pieces to the body and neck I started working on the feet. The lynx has very powerful feet to bring down its prey. Unfortunately my session was cut short by another downpour but the lynx is progressing nicely.

My next blog will focus on another of the sculptures as I want them all to be at the same or similar stage throughout the process.

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