Loch Arkaig Animal Sculptures part 5: Capercaillie detail

Work on the four commissioned sculptures is now progressing at a rapid rate. After a full day on the lynx sculpture yesterday, today is was the turn of the capercaillie to receive some special attention.

The delivery of the wood salvaged from Loch Arkaig suited this piece perfectly as the pine strips proved ideal for the tail feathers. The capercaillie is of course famous for its colourful display so it seems only logical to apply colour to this piece.

First I began building up around the head and neck where the capercaillie tends to fluff out its feathers. The eyes are particularly striking on this bird and just a touch of bright red immediately brought the sculpture to life.

I also continued to darken down the tail feathers after filing off some of the loose pieces. This can all be tidied up at a later stage. You can get a much better idea of how the sculptures are progressing by placing them in an open setting.

There is still plenty of work to be done, in particular the feet and more detail on the wings and feathers. The capercaillie has a real sheen to its chest, almost a pearlescent petrol blue. If I can replicate that finish to the sculpture it should be quite eye-catching.

My next blog will focus on adding detail to the remaining two sculptures, the roe deer and wild boar.

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