Loch Arkaig Animal Sculptures part 7: Capercaillie colour

With detailed work already well under way last week on the capercaillie, it was time to start thinking about colouring the sculpture. I often choose to leave my driftwood sculptures as bare wood but if any creature merits colour then it has to be the capercaillie!

I ordered some iridescent paint for the chest and head of the capercaillie. I think this will give the best results in trying to imitate the vivid display of colours.

Pine from Loch Arkaig has already been used to form the tail feathers which, for now, are being stained black. After three or four coats, I will paint some of the white markings to finish them off.

There is still more detailed work to be done but this sculpture is now the most advanced of the four commissioned pieces.

After setting the capercaillie sculpture aside to dry, I did some more work on the wild boar. They are such ungainly creatures but I think the sculpture is now going in the right direction.

I have a family of doves in the Ecoarts garden who regularly appear for food and one decided the wild boar made an ideal perch! The wild birds often use my driftwood sculptures in this way while some have even been used as nest sites! Of course it is hoped that the sculptures can be maintained with a few running repairs when needed but it is art in nature after all.

Work on all four sculptures moved quite rapidly over the past fortnight. The pace will probably slow a little now (visually at least!) as more time is spent on less obvious details like the feet, sanding off any flaking bark and treating the wood.

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