Loch Arkaig Animal Sculptures part 8: Final phase begins

The Loch Arkaig sculptures are now approaching the final phase. As the subjects chosen for this commission are so varied, each has set its own challenges.

The lynx has not posed too many problems, although it is the first time I have created a member of the cat family in driftwood. My most recent session on this sculpture involved more detailed work on the head and enlarging the feet. I am happy what the driftwood pattern suits this animal very well so I do not intend to treat it with any colour, other than to highlight the white areas. There is not too much more to do on the lynx.The Roe deer has also progressed quite nicely and was transformed as soon as I added detail to the head. I still have more work to do on the legs and body and, as with the lynx, this sculpture will be given a clear wood treatment with no colouring necessary.The Capercaillie has been back on the painting bench for a second and third coat on the tail feathers. I was pleased to be able to use pine strips from Loch Arkaig to create this shape and I will adding white flecks of paint. I have also removed some excess wood from underneath the bird and still have to add the feet.The wild boar sculpture has proved to be the most difficult as I would really like to capture the look of their rugged coat. Driftwood is not the ideal material for this but I have been using wood shavings and wood glue on the head and may apply this to other areas. One of the great things about this form of sculpture is that there are really no rules to follow! You can try other finishes and re-work them if necessary until (hopefully) you get the desired result.

 I hope that you have enjoyed seeing the creative process from the “stick animals” through to the final phase of the project. I will of course be “unveiling” the completed sculptures as soon as they are ready to be transported to their permanent home in the Highlands next month!

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