Loch Arkaig Animal Sculptures – The finishing touches

The four commissioned animal sculptures for the Loch Arkaig Public Art trail are almost completed. The final stage will be to check that they are secure and inspect them closely for any areas that need extra treatment.

The Roe Deer – on the alert for predators

The Roe deer seemed to develop quite quickly, perhaps because it is a subject that I have tackled before. We have lots of roe deer in this part of Dumfries & Galloway and I see them regularly when making the short trip over to the Frugaldom project.

The Wild Boar – Foraging

The Wild boar presented a slightly different challenge, mainly because of its rugged appearance. I managed to achieve this look by working some glue and shavings into the head and then toning them in with the rest of the sculpture.

The Lynx – stalking its prey

The Lynx did not need too much alteration once I had created the body using some suitably marked driftwood. The head required some special attention, blending in some intricate pieces of wood sent down from Loch Arkaig.

The Capercaillie – in full display

The Capercaillie was always likely to be the most challenging of the four pieces but I’m pleased with how well it has gone. Having started out with a gnarled and twisted root, the strips of pine transformed the sculpture in making the tail feathers. The iridescent paint has worked well in providing the finishing touches to the sculpture.

I will be going over each sculpture in painstaking detail this week to make sure they are in tip-top shape when they arrive at their final destination. It has been a real privilege to be included in this exciting project and I can’t wait to see what the other artists have produced!

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