Making a Driftwood Hare – Part 1

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Having enjoyed making the driftwood horse so much, I couldn’t wait to get started on another creation so decided to make a hare for the garden. The inspiration for the sculpture is going to be a hare that I photographed last summer.


I began by sorting through the driftwood to see if I had four suitable pieces for legs and a connecting piece for body. The hare is posed with his front legs almost straight and his back legs ready to spring into action. I started by fixing the back legs together using a small joining piece of wood. At this stage it doesn’t matter if the pieces are too long as they can be trimmed off later.

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I then fixed the back legs to the linking piece for the body and screwed the straight pieces to the other end to represent the more upright front legs of the hare. From that point, the sculpture can develop quite quickly as you can move on to the head and ears. I want the ears to be quite prominent as I think it will be nice if we can see the hare peeking out of the grass from a fair distance.

SAM_1041 (640x398)

You can then cut off the protruding bits of wood and should (hopefully) be left with the basic shape for the hare sculpture. Most driftwood is quite sturdy, making it ideal for this sort of sculpting. If you find that some of it starts to crumble when screwing it together, it is probably best to replace it with a more resilient piece of wood. This is particularly important if it is a significant part of the sculpture forming the shape or joining limbs.

SAM_1042 (640x519)

I’ve also found it useful to fit temporary supports at the end of each session. If there are any fragile pieces it reduces the chances of them breaking or falling off before you restart work. As it is on a much smaller scale than the horse sculpture, I should be able to make rapid progress tomorrow and will post an update after day 2.

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  1. I think this is very inovatative. Love the idea.

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