Making a Driftwood Hare – part 3

SAM_1075 (640x640)

The weather was perfect for working outside this afternoon so everything was set up to apply some more detail to “Hartley Hare” ( as he has been named!). I had the basic shape in place yesterday and had started building up around the body. I added a few more straps and continued to check the sculpture from all angles.

SAM_1072 (582x640)

The main focus of my attention today was the head. The smaller the pieces of wood that you need to work with, the more careful you have to be when fixing them. Some of the driftwood is remarkably resilient but you soon find out if it is going to make a secure fix. The head on view shows the new detail around the hare’s eyes and nose.

SAM_1086 (469x640)

I want to make the eyes stand out so have applied a thin coat of dark wood stain to the bits around the eyes. When it dries out you would hardly even know it had been painted and it all helps to protect the wood a little. It is surprising how fussy you can become when trying to find the right piece of wood! Sometimes you just need to have a gentle curve to suggest the neck or around the eye. You generally know when a piece makes a good fit but don’t be afraid to trim bits off or angle them with a knife if necessary.

SAM_1080 (640x618)

Tomorrow I need to work on the body and legs. Hares have big feet so I’ll need to be creative. I’m still undecided as to whether or not the base wood will stay but it is making it easier to move the sculpture around the moment. I sat the hare in the garden to see how he may look when he is finished. Hopefully there will be more fine weather over the weekend to complete the project.

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