Making a Driftwood Hare – part 4

SAM_1102 (477x640)

Today was cold and overcast so work was confined to the studio. I wanted to improve the legs of the hare today. After shuffling through my stock of driftwood, I found a piece that suggested a foot or claw. This meant that it was necessary to dismantle the existing legs and rebuild them. As the entire sculpture is screwed together this was not a problem, although a bit of care is needed when turning it. Some parts of the sculpture are getting awkward to access as more bits of wood are applied.

SAM_1096 (640x393)

After fixing the new wood I then used the offcuts to make up the second foot. Once the new pieces have a strong fixing I can trim them into a better shape. I find it is better to leave them on for a while until I’m sure as it is easier to cut bits off than stick them on! The feet do not have to be quite as secure as they were on the driftwood horse as they won’t be supporting such a large frame.

SAM_1094 (546x640)

I then built up the front feet of the hare. These do not need to be as large as the back feet so a few lighter pieces of wood to give the leg some shape and then a ball at the front are sufficient. It may be that the sculpture is eventually free-standing without the base so the feet will be partially covered by grass. As with the horse, I then filled in the gaps in the feet with a mixture of shavings and glue and did the same for the ears.


The more detailed work can be quite time consuming but I am much happier with the legs and feet after today’s work. There will be some filing to do once the glue has dried and you can re-work them as many times as you like. I think “Hartley” is not that far off completion. I should be able to finish the feet and ears tomorrow before he takes up a permanent place in the garden along with the driftwood horse.

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