Making a Driftwood Hare – part 5


The completed Hare

We missed out on any sunshine so it was back to the workbench in the studio for today’s work. My main priority was to get the feet built up after putting the framework in place yesterday.

SAM_1107 (640x588)

I applied several layers of shavings and wood glue which were then compressed. It does allow a little bit of shaping while the glue is still wet. A hare has very powerful back legs and feet and the head-on view now illustrates this perfectly.

SAM_1115 (354x640)

I used the same approach to fill out the front legs and these can be shaped once they are dry. After sweeping off the excess shavings, I then gave them a coat of dark wood stain so that they blend in with the rest of the sculpture. The top of the ears were treated and shaped in the same way. If bits fall out it is simply a matter of going through the same process again until they set.

SAM_1117 (640x578)

I’ve also gone over the entire sculpture dabbing over the protruding screw heads. As with the driftwood horse, I am not really concerned with them showing here and there but it just helps to conceal them a little.

SAM_1118 (390x640)

All that needs to be done now is a final filing down of the glued areas and painting where needed. While taking the photographs for the blog, “Hartley” was introduced to the resident bunnies, Septimus and Octavius. Septimus was very curious and Octavius gave the intruder a very close inspection before deciding that Hartley was too big to take on!

SAM_1120 (640x547)

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