Making a Driftwood Heron – part 1

SAM_1127 (419x640)

Following the driftwood horse and hare, I decided to create a driftwood heron as a feature for the ecoarts garden pond.

SAM_1122 (337x640)

It was a miserable wet day so beachcombing didn’t make much appeal and it was a case of going through my driftwood to see what I had that may be suitable. The legs were an obvious starting point for the heron and I also wanted a solid base to fix it to.

SAM_1124 (640x419)

The two legs were fixed together loosely and then fixed to the base. I decided that the feet provided a good solution to the problem of fixing the legs securely as I could overlap the edge of the base. I intend to do a little more carving on this sculpture than the previous ones so it does not matter at this stage if the legs and feet are too thick.

SAM_1126 (428x640)

As soon as the legs were secure enough to take a little weight, I began fixing the body in place. I did not have a suitable “S” shape for the head and neck so had to improvise a little by cutting in a separate piece to the neck. I am fully expecting my heron to be compared to anything from an emu to a pterodactyl so I was quite pleased that it resembled a heron as soon as the head was fitted.

SAM_1128 (640x399)

The neck is quite fragile at the moment so great care was taken to attach the main part of the head without breaking it. The more pieces that are fitted, the stronger the overall structure will become.

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