Making a Driftwood Heron – Part 2

SAM_1138 (402x640)

Work resumed on day 2 of the Heron project and the first task was to make the sculpture sturdier. A metal support was added to one of the legs and a few more screws inserted. Much of the weight is to one side, although it has been suggested that a large fish in the mouth of the heron would help to improve the balance!

SAM_1136 (559x640)

I had made a good start on the general outline of the figure yesterday so the next step was building up the body into a three dimensional shape. The wings of the heron form almost a heart shape across the back so I fixed some suitably curved pieces of driftwood. This immediately improved the overall appearance.

SAM_1133 (640x361)

It is very important to get the head to look lifelike so I started building up around the eyes. I am not certain about how to approach the eyes. I left them blank for the horse and hare sculptures and I will probably do the same here. The black and white markings are very distinctive on the heron so I may paint or adjust the colouring of these areas later.

SAM_1132 (457x640)

I then strengthened the neck to make sure that it could hold the extra weight as I worked on the head of the heron. The sculpture has moved forward quite rapidly in two days and I am looking forward to adding more detail over the weekend.

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