Making a Driftwood Heron – part 3

SAM_1145 (376x640)

The first task on day 3 of the latest driftwood project was to work on some detail on the head of the heron. I found a knotted piece of wood that suggested the eye of the bird so I fitted it loosely to see how it looked. I think it works quite well so hunted around for a similar piece for the other side and then began packing around the face and eyes.

SAM_1147 (640x422)

I used a mixture of shavings and glue on the feet of the hare sculpture with some success so I began applying this to the heron’s face. Some of it will simply brush out afterwards but enough should remain to make the face more clearly defined. The smaller pieces of wood have only been screwed together so the addition of the wood glue will also help to fix the joints in the sculpture.

SAM_1152 (640x457)

I continued down the neck of the bird with this technique and will sand it and refill again tomorrow. It will also help to colour the bird with the lighter areas against the darker flashes above the eyes. I then began working on the feet, filing off the unwanted pieces and tidying up around the toes.

SAM_1149 (640x525)

After adding a few more supporting straps to the body, I decided it was time for the heron to visit the pond for a quick photo session for the blog. Although he is larger than life size, he does not look out of place. I shall continue adding more detail to the face, neck, feet and legs tomorrow.

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