Making a Driftwood Heron – Part 4


The completed Heron

Work on day 4 on the driftwood heron was concentrated on adding detail to the sculpture. The first coating of glue and wood filler had dried out well and the loose shavings were brushed out before I continued working further down the neck.

SAM_1159 (640x309)

I built up the neck with smaller pieces of wood first so that there was a good framework for the filler to stick to. I also applied more to the beak and will do so again tomorrow to get the desired effect. I did not really have the right pieces of driftwood for the beak but I should be able to bring it to a sharp point in my next session.

SAM_1161 (512x640)

The heron has some very pronounced hairs on its front so I started fixing a few thinner pieces of wood. I also put further curved straps across the wings and it is starting to look far more life-like across the back now.

SAM_1158 (640x552)

The feet needed a bit of filing and tidying up but I’m quite pleased with how they appear to grip the base of the statue. I also filed a little off the legs and may do a little more, although I don’t want to risk making the legs too fragile to take the weight.

SAM_1164 (519x640)

The latest application should be dry tomorrow so I hope to be able to complete the head and neck. I’m not quite sure what Scruffy the cat made of the heron but I don’t think she will be taking him on! As expected, the robin was the first to perch on the ears of the horse and the hare but unfortunately I did not get a photo.

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