Making a Driftwood Horse – Part 3

SAM_1000 (603x640)

The sun was shining when I started work this morning but it didn’t last long! I was forced to take evasive action twice, moving the driftwood horse to the studio. Unfortunately that plan didn’t work too well as the horse took up quite a bit of room and it is really an outside project. When working on this sort of scale, you have to take a few steps back and walk around the sculpture rather than work in confined spaces.

SAM_0999 (481x640)

I managed to get some more of the bodywork in place and adjusted one of the legs slightly for a more natural stance. Several of the wooden pieces are only in place temporarily until I find a more suitable piece of wood. The wood is surprisingly flexible which has both advantages and disadvantages. It is great for shaping but it does not always want to go in the right direction. If necessary, you can use straight pieces of cut wood as a temporary measure to keep the sculpture from twisting.

SAM_0998 (640x505)

The rain eventually eased off for an hour or so, allowing me to resume work and take some photographs for the blog. I made a few further adjustments to the head before the rain returned and I had to concede defeat for the day. The intention for this particular sculpture is to have it as a living sculpture in the garden so I have no plans to coat or protect it against the elements. There are ways of doing so but I’m quite looking forward to seeing it change through time. It was a shame that I couldn’t get as much done today as I had hoped but hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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