Making a Driftwood Horse – Part 4

SAM_1004 (640x480)

There was no let up from the rain today so it was another day of moving the driftwood horse in and out of the studio. A made a few minor alterations today including strengthening the legs and shaping the head. The sculpture will hopefully be free-standing so I needed to stabilise it.

SAM_1007 (480x640)

The original sculpture was based on the simple design of four reasonably strong pieces of wood for the legs. As the body gains weight, they have become a little unstable so I have put some temporary supports around the feet. I will work on these over the next couple of days, although I don’t want to get too bogged down with detail.

Here is a quick recap on the process from the beginning.

SAM_0969 (640x423)

I started by laying out the driftwood pieces in a very basic design. I had for very obvious pieces that were suitable for the legs and it was then just a matter of fixing them to a rough body shape with some strong pieces to act as the framework. The only requirements were a box of screws, screw driver and wood saw. Some of the wood is surprisingly tough so a drill would probably help.

SAM_0971 (640x518)

I then added some straighter pieces to suggest a head, neck and tail and the sculpture started to take shape quite quickly. Don’t be afraid to put in some temporary pieces to help shape the sculpture.

SAM_0992 (640x464)

By the end of day 2 it was clearly identifiable as a horse and did not look out of place in the garden!

SAM_0999 (481x640)

The next stage was to build on the bodywork and gradually shape around the legs and head. By walking around the sculpture frequently you will see the weaker areas that need extra work. As the entire piece is screwed together, it is not too difficult to make adjustments where necessary.

SAM_1012 (640x336)

I have photographed it in the garden to get an early impression of how it will look when completed.

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