Making a Driftwood Horse – Part 5


It was a glorious sunny day today so any thoughts of doing some work on the computer were quickly banished! The sculpture was quickly set up outside with my remaining supplies of wood, tools and some reference photos.

Having basically used four random pieces of wood for legs, they are never going to be anatomically correct but there is some scope for improvement at least. I was debating what to do about the hooves last night. If the sculpture is situated on the grass, they will most likely be obscured but they needed to be strengthened.

SAM_1014 (640x515)

I decided the easiest solution was to mix some shavings with PVA glue and plug the holes around the feet. I had not swept the studio for days so it was very eco-friendly to sweep up the shavings and mix them in with the glue. This should dry out to give a solid foundation and I can then file it down for a very rough representation of the hooves. I knew that my ‘O’ Level Woodwork would come in handy one day!

SAM_1015 (517x640)

Having worked on the sculpture for four days, the changes are a bit more subtle at this stage. I am still not happy with the head of the horse so I tinkered with the ears and jaw a little. I did not really have any idea how detailed I would be able to make the horse but now that the bodywork is virtually complete, I am tempted to make further alterations.

SAM_1020 (640x424)

A neighbour has said that it reminded them of Warhorse so I shall take that as a compliment! He looks quite impressive stood outside the studio. Perhaps he will be a useful advertisement. If you are looking for the artist, it’s the house with the horse stood outside!

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