Making a Driftwood Owl – Part 1

SAM_1191 (511x640)

My driftwood sculptures are proving very popular and I was delighted to accept a commission for an owl.

After careful consideration, I decided that a Tawny Owl would be the subject of my sculpture and I began sorting through my remaining driftwood for a suitable starting point. I had an old V-shaped piece that I thought would be a good basis for the feet of the bird so I fixed this to a temporary base. I then added a couple of upright pieces for the body and a couple of guide pieces for the head.

SAM_1186 (479x640)

You have to have a vivid imagination at this point to convince yourself that it WILL resemble an owl by the time that it is finished! The body and head almost blend into one another when the owl is perched. They also have a very flat face and I am going to have to develop that carefully during the sculpting process.

SAM_1189 (640x487)

Scruffy the cat wanted a closer look but was not overly impressed! The addition of one of the wings helped to suggest the shape of the bird but there is obviously a lot more to do. The colour of the driftwood should lend itself perfectly for this project. I have some very clear white pieces but also some speckled brown and black pieces.

SAM_1194 (560x640)

It isn’t much to look at after today’s session but I hope to have the full shape of the bird clearly defined by the time I finish tomorrow evening.

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