Making a Driftwood Owl – Part 2

SAM_1207 (477x640)

I resumed work on the driftwood owl by building up the face of the bird. I then added further pieces of driftwood to the sides and wings so that much of the shape is now in place.

SAM_1198 (640x423)

As I am using a tawny owl as the subject of this sculpture, I will build up the face using shavings and wood glue so that I can produce the very distinctive features. The eyes are going to be important so I later added a couple of temporary blocks until I decide how best to tackle them. These will act as guides while I am working on the face.

Having used wood glue and shavings on my previous sculptures, I have found the best way to work with it is to build it up in layers rather than try to do too much in one session. Some of it will fall off but enough fixes securely to be able to model it, almost like working with clay.

SAM_1208 (640x581)I was tempted to carry on this evening but it really needs the glue to dry out overnight. It may not look that much like an owl at the moment but the next stage should see more progress on the head.

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