Making a Driftwood Owl – Part 3

SAM_1213 (640x480)

The wood shavings and glue had dried nicely overnight so I was able to press on with modelling the head of the owl. A neighbour kindly provided the eyes from an old box of oddments so I bedded these in using the shavings and glue. I gradually built outwards from the centre to create the shallow bowl effect for around the owl’s eyes.

SAM_1221 (515x640)

I then added some more support to the frame of the bird and it definitely now resembles an owl. I have not yet tackled the feet but may cut into the existing piece of wood to create the claws. The glue was drying quite rapidly in the sunshine so I was able to do a further session on the face.

SAM_1216 (463x640)

My intention is to continue the wood glue a little further down the front of the owl where the head meets the body. Once I have made a start on the feet I think it will make it clearer how best to represent the front of the owl. The great thing about this type of sculpture is that you can chop and change as you go and there are no set rules to follow.

SAM_1218 (395x640)

The sculpture has progressed much further than I had expected today and I shall post a further update on progress after the next session.

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