Making a Driftwood Owl – Part 4


The completed Tawny Owl

I decided to build up the owl’s feet on top of the existing stand. I found some suitably twisted pieces of wood that could be cut to resemble claws and fixed them securely with screws. An owl has very furry feet so the wood glue and shavings was ideal for building them up.

SAM_1238 (448x640)

The front and back of the owl needed further attention and I have now added several strong straps of wood. These blend into the wings which I intend to leave with the wood exposed rather than attempt to fill.

SAM_1242 (498x640)

After much consideration, I decided to use the same wood glue and shavings method on the owl’s head as I felt that it really needed improvement. The weave of sticks works fine on the front of the body where it covers the legs. I also dabbed in a little white around the eyes and some wood stain to emphasise the darker markings of a tawny owl.

SAM_1241 (336x640)

I will see how that dries out overnight but it is looking fairly close to the finished article now! The shavings are obviously meeting the approval of the garden sparrows that have had great fun pecking at the heron’s head today! Hopefully they are just tapping away at the loose pieces but if there is any serious damage I will know who the culprit is!

SAM_1245 (640x337)

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