Microsoft Customer Agreement Vs Csp

The new experiment introduced the concept of “billing profiles.” From now on, the “billing profile” is where you will receive your bill. An invoice is generated for each billing profile. If you`re under an MCA purchased directly by Microsoft, you can create multiple billing profiles and use billing sections to organize your fees, read here. As a customer, you have control over the billing account, billing profiles, invoices and subscriptions. Partners are required to ensure that customers accept Microsoft`s customer agreement before making CSP purchases, either by certification or at the administration center (later in 2020). Option 1: Customer Acceptance Partnership Certificate – Partners can confirm customer acceptance via Partner Center API/SDK or via the partner center dashboard. Gives the partner the ability to direct customers to Microsoft, to accept an agreement rather than apply for the partner certificate. In early 2019, the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) was introduced, a new agreement for customers who buy Azure Directly from Microsoft, but who also contained a new type and type of agreement. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about our digital transformation with the new business experience.

We`ve been working on a number of important license changes, while transporting our on-Premise software customers to the cloud, so we`re taking a closer look at your overall experience with us. Customers save time with a single optimized agreement. Conditions are dynamically updated and never stop. Contractual terms follow the customer so that he can buy through the channel without having to re-sign the same conditions. “The Microsoft Cloud agreement is no longer accepted in the CSP partnership program. New purchases and changes to the number of seats on existing subscriptions require the partner to validate Microsoft`s customer contract. This requirement applies to new and existing customers who may have already accepted the Microsoft Cloud agreement. ( Partners benefit from simplified contract management. You now have the opportunity to pass on customers to Microsoft to manage the contracting process, including responsibility for customer acceptance and managing all agreed data. Although currently only the CSP agreements and the Azure direct program mentioned above are provided for, some clauses of the MCA indicate that it will eventually become the basis of all agreements. For example, the “h” clause refers in general terms to transfers of licences from “fully paid indeterminate licences,” which does not exist in PSCs. As mentioned above, the new Microsoft Cloud agreement replaces existing agreements for CSP relationships, but this should not be done immediately for existing customers.

The ability for partners to select “Customer has accepted the latest Microsoft Cloud agreement” will be deactivated on January 31, 2020. The biggest advantage that MCA companies may have is that it brings Microsoft`s cloud service provider (CSP) to the modern trading platform. Since the modern trading platform is linked to the MCA, the prospect of a move to the CSP, when an EA expires, is now a compelling option for many companies. And since we`re talking about CSP clients, not CSP, documentation is everywhere, which can become a challenge. If you look at the documentation, you will find that there are different sets of documentation for the Microsoft Partnership Agreement and the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

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