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One of the great benefits of the modern age is our ability to record daily events on our digital media. Many of us now possess a digital camera or have a camera on our mobile phones so that we can photograph or video any noteworthy events in our daily lives. The mind boggles at the huge amount of data being recorded by us as individuals. But how much of this will ever be put to good use?

bruces2Some of it gets uploaded to social media sites but the vast majority of it is either stored or deleted. It does not seem that long ago that we had to wait for our films to be developed before we knew whether or not we had a good photograph, now everything is instant. One of the advantages of is that anyone is free to upload their own images and form a gallery. I have just started putting together my own photographic gallery with images collected on my digital camera locally in south west Scotland.

It is almost a reflex action these days to capture an event on camera wherever we go. You only have to look at any event on television, sporting or otherwise, and you will see phones and cameras held high trying to take some kind of record of the experience. I’m hoping that many more of you will join us at Bigvyor and share your images from around the world. You do not have to be an expert photographer to take part and it is easy to upload them to the site.

merrick1Landscape photography is a particular favourite of mine. The views in this part of Scotland are simply stunning. I took advantage of a recent snowfall to get some great winter shots but the hills are quite awe inspiring, especially on a clear day. I hope that some of my photographs bring you pleasure and I look forward to seeing a huge variety of photographs on Bigvyor in the months ahead

I rarely go anywhere without my camera (just in case!). It may be a sighting of a rare bird, a badger or just a stunning landscape…but I’ll be upset if I miss it! Another obvious advantage of the digital age is that you don’t need to worry about the cost of the film or “wasting” shots…you can just click away and delete any failures. Cameras are advancing so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up with them. I am certain that I do not use even half of the features on mine and I suspect that most of us are the same.

Of course, if we get some professional photographers to join the site that would be even better! But the main thing is to share our experiences and enjoy the new global art community at Bigvyor. There are already some stunning images on the site but now is a great time to get involved. Your photographs will be viewed by artists and art lovers from across the world and there is nothing to stop you selling them or advertising your own site.

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