Postman Software License Agreement

Postman reserves the right to amend the terms of this C.A.C.A. at its sole discretion. If Postman makes significant changes to the ECJ conditions, it can contact you by email or post a message on (“Website”). Postman has only authorized the services to you and Postman does not sell the services. Between you and Postman, Postman owns all rights, titles and interests on and services, as well as all intellectual property and postman rights. Postman reserves all rights to and services that he does not expressly grant you in this Board. You agree: Subject to the terms of this ECJ and your payment of applicable taxes, Postman grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-exclusive license for the use of the Services in the form of an enforceable code, under the conditions of this CAU. With the exception of the limited license set out in this ECJ, Postman does not grant you any other license or right to the Services. Your license ends if this CLE is terminated, even if other conditions are provided for by this Agreement or in other documents received between you and Postman. 5.4.6.

You retain all moral rights that you download, publish or pass on to a portion of the Service, including integrity and imputation rights. However, they waive these rights and agree not to assert them against us so that we can properly exercise the rights granted to section 5.4.4, but not elsewhere. To the extent that this agreement is not applicable by current legislation, you grant Postman the rights we need to use your Content without imputation and make appropriate adaptations of your content, to the extent necessary to create Postman websites and provide the Services. Account Information: We keep your account information as long as your account is active and up to 15 days after. We also retain some of your data, to the extent necessary to fulfill our legal obligations, settle disputes, implement our agreements, support the business and develop and improve our services. The Postman Enterprise plan is designed for each organization and includes not only increased limits for functions, but also tailored training, licensing agreements and payment terms. Our team would like to have some time to talk about the details of the plan; Once we understand your organization`s needs, we`ll quickly offer you an offer. Yes, yes.

Postman is proud to offer several plans and awards to help organizations of all kinds, including free licenses through our Postman for Non-Profit program. Delete your account: If you no longer want to use our services, you can delete your account in your account settings. If not, please contact your administrator. You can also contact Postman Support for information on This C.B.A. represents the entire agreement between you and Postman regarding your use of the Services and replaces all previous agreements (written or oral) between you and Postman regarding The Services.

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