Richard Kolb’s Yardbirds


The metal garden sculptures of American Artist Richard Kolb are a perfect illustration of what can be achieved by working with recycled material.

His business name is “Yardbirds” and he produces these whimsical garden sculptures of various animals using scrap metal and recycled parts. Sources include old garden tools, used car parts, old bicycles and even farm implements.


Business is booming, especially with recycled art becoming increasing fashionable. Bits of discarded metal have been skilfully combined to create beautiful fun objects for the home and garden. All of his designs are handcrafted in Kentucky and no two are ever identical.


Business has been so successful that he is extending his range every six months. His original range extended to dogs, cats, birds, frogs, critters, mammals, feeders, pot holders, coat racks, leash/key holders, wine holders and wall decor. His latest additions include wine caddies, lower pot holders and dog and cat feeders.


Buyers are finding his Yardbirds to be wonderful conversation pieces as visitors try to identify the various parts that have gone into their creation. Richard says it is fun creating his sculptures and that element is certainly the key feature of his work. A slight tilt of the head is enough to give all of his wonderful animals a unique character.


Some of the animals are arranged in groups and many take on human characteristics. Their more bizarre activities include a golfing moose and a skateboarding frog!

Richard is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and a lifelong resident. He is a proud member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program and the American Craft Council. When they are left outdoors, the metal sculptures will eventually rust but this is part of their charm.


Treatments can be applied to preserve them in their original state but that is purely down to individual taste. The main consideration for Richard is that they remain fun. As Richard says, “They rust, but they’ll never run away.”

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  1. I was a long time resident of Louisville Ky, and would go to the Saint James Art Fair every year. I am pretty sure I have seen your work there before. Either way, Love the Sculptures, And go Cats!

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