Sap Service Agreement Program

Once you`ve recognized the many benefits of implementing programs that apply to your markets, there are seven key factors to consider to maximize performance on service contracts and advanced warranty offerings. Improved cash flow, customer service and revenue improvement. For service managers, IT executives, and finance teams, this article gives you an overview of how you can plan and implement a successful service contract management program with SAP. My name is Soren. I am the founder of Detering Consulting. I started this company in 2003 because I wanted to offer more value to SAP customers. I knew that many of them lacked all the great benefits that the software could get. Before creating Detering Consulting, I finished my training with a master`s degree in computer science. Do you learn how the BWB – Billing Workbench solution at SAP streamlines operations, solves typical contract invoicing problems and provides real-time insights, improves productivity and contributes to your revenue increase? Take a look at the system, take a 15-minute demo of SAP BWB – Performance Based Billing Solution, let`s do the rest: B2C customers expect a little less that warranty coverage or service contract prices are negotiable due to product standardization and sales volumes. However, during COVID-19, we have seen that service providers are offering incentives, such as for example. B deep discounts at the time of termination of the contract by the user online, by chat or call center. Flexibility and empathy in these challenging times are appreciated by consumers.


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