Soul Contract Agreement

These souls with whom we have contracts will influence our relationships in many ways, but most of all, they wake us up, teach us love and how to relate to others, give us healing, and help us take our unique path. To find our authentic self. After reading the 5 soul contracts, I don`t find any that are very true, although I have to admit that I sometimes place another person`s needs above mine. But I`m aware of it and I always get something out of it that makes him a little selfish. Am I naïve about the four missing soul contracts or is it possible that I don`t have them? Hello Tracy, the free tele-seminar focuses on removing blocks for intuitive clarity. Your questions are personal – if you feel like you can enjoy a private session with me, during which we log in to your guides, we receive answers to your special questions and see what your guides want to know for you. It`s great to read that you already identify certain places where independent soul contracts are blocking you. You have a good start! – Danielle I`m almost sure this other page copied your stuff word for word. There are clauses and exit points in our soul contracts, but do not forget that we are human, we also have a free “will”.

Yes – I suggest you watch some of my YouTube videos. I`m working on euthanasia and how it relates to soul contracts. You can also read my soul book Contracts or my Animal Lesson book (which deals with soul animal contracts). I think each of these things could help you understand better. We send you love and light, Danielle There are thousands of articles on the web and YouTube videos about soul contracts if you want to explore this topic. Always be open. The agreements you make are a pact of creation between you and one or more souls. It is your free will to do so. But as soon as they are in motion, you create a karmic commitment. If they let a member of the soul group play a role that caused a drama between you, you have to decide to make the contract. We all have some form of negative contracts imposed on us as a collective species.

But it is possible to revoke the things that have been imposed on us. It was made against our free will and is a direct violation of the divine law of the One. Great article, in a way, I find that I have all 5 soul contracts.. .

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