Standard Master Services Agreement

1. Provision of Services: MY COMPANY Information Systems provides the attached Schedule professional services (“Schedule”) and all it-technology infrastructure support services exposed by the parties. Each calendar indicates the nature of the services to be provided and the associated costs. Fees may be changed by MY COMPANY Information Systems after informing the customer. All fee estimates made available for hourly or daily billing of the work are used for information purposes only; The customer undertakes to pay for the services actually provided by MY COMPANY Information Systems at the price indicated. . 2. Fees and payment: the customer agrees to pay all the fees indicated in each calendar. All payments are made in US dollars and are due to the customer upon receipt of the corresponding invoice. MY COMPANY may charge in advance for any recurring service. The customer is responsible for all taxes, deductions, customs duties and taxes resulting from the services (excluding taxes based on MY COMPANY`s net income). MY COMPANY has the right to suspend service if the customer has not paid an invoice within forty-five (45) days of receipt Although a template template for a framework service contract contains many common MSA contractual clauses, information specific to each transaction should be added. 4.

Limited Warranty: (a) MY COMPANY warrants, for a period of thirty (30) days after delivery (the “Warranty Period”), that all services are professionally provided in accordance with general industry standards. The exclusive liability of MY COMPANY (and the exclusive appeal of the customer) in the event of a breach of this warranty is that MY COMPANY again provides defective services or, if MY COMPANY is unable to remedy such failure within thirty (30) days, invalidates the invoice for the defective services. MY COMPANY is not liable with respect to a warranty: (i) if such a claim is made after the expiration of the warranty period or (ii) if the claim is the result of third party hardware or software, the actions of the customer or another party or is caused by other factors that are not subject to the proper control of MY COMPANY. It is called a “framework contract” because it is a standard contract that can be used for all types of services, and it is usually quite broad.

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