The Eco Arts Garden Project


Work is well into the second month on the driftwood and assorted Eco Arts sculpture projects. The driftwood horse was the first sculpture to be completed and has now taken his place in the Eco Arts garden.

SAM_1035 (640x480)

The birds are finding him most useful for waiting their turn on the various bird feeders and they seem to enjoy darting in and out of the framework.

SAM_1117 (640x578)

The horse now stands alongside the driftwood hare who sits alongside the garden path. As my sculptures tend to be larger than life size, the hare makes the horse seem more like a pony and bigger projects have certainly not been ruled out!

SAM_1173 (502x640)

The driftwood heron is now established beside the duck pond. The resident ducks take no notice of him whatsoever and he seems to have survived the initial raiding party of sparrows pecking at his head for nesting materials!


The owl turned out particularly well and I explored the use of shavings and glue to get the shape of his face and head. I decided to leave the main body of the figure with the driftwood exposed and used just enough paint to highlight the main features.


A break from the driftwood was provided by recycling some tin cans to create a tin man for the garden. Although there was no difficulty forming the shape of the man, I found this a very awkward material to work. There is a limit as to what can be done with tin cans and I don’t think that I will be pursuing this line too often!


However, I did have enough tins left to give him a companion in the shape of a Scottie dog! The two have now taken their place at the foot of the garden. He was quite a sight when I moved him to the garden bench by wheelbarrow but now seems perfectly comfortable. The ducks seem quite happy to sit at his feet during the afternoon and he provides some amusement for visitors.

SAM_1467 (640x510)

I then began work on a Red Squirrel and this time took the shavings and glue a bit further. I wanted to see how the animal sculpture would look if I filled out the entire body using this method and first reactions are favourable. The next Eco Arts sculpture is already in the pipeline and I will update you on progress in the coming days.


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  1. Hi H, I think the red squirrel is exceptional. Well done

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