The Galloway Horse at Frugaldom


My latest project is a sculpture of a rearing horse that is being created to commemorate the historic importance of the long forgotten Galloways and their contribution to the horseracing industry.

Without these Galloway ponies, there would have been no ‘Eclipse’ in the Thoroughbred pedigrees of today. The sculpture is being created using locally grown wood as part of the Frugaldom ecoarts project.


The early stages of the sculpture is formed using suitably shaped wood to suggest the general shape of the horse.


The sculpture quickly takes shape but needs supporting with a central column and props to either side. The tail will be vital in supporting the sculpture when it is completed, forming a tripod with the legs of the horse.


Detailed work to the head and body start to bring the horse to life


The horse stands at just over seven feet tall and needs to be transported to the site at Frugaldom.


The decision was made to dismantle the sculpture and reassemble it on site before fixing it securely in position.


The head and shoulders of the horse waiting to be re-fitted


Reassembled in the barn and ready to be put in position in the Ecoarts garden and Sculpture park at Frugaldom



The horse standing proudly at Frugaldom with just one final support due to be removed as soon as it has settled in place.


One very relieved artist after the horse is safely reconstructed and secured at the site.

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