The Garden Sculpture of Bruno Torfs

The unique garden sculptures of Bruno Torfs are inspired by his travels to some of the world’s most remote regions. His creations reside in an open garden, blending in seamlessly with the forest for an almost magical feel.


Four years ago, a bushfire swept through his local township in Marysville, Australia claiming the lives of several of his friends and neighbours. The destruction of his home and art gallery paled into insignificance compared to the human loss but he has lovingly restored his garden to its former glory. It took only 2 months working flat out to recreate the garden and he has not looked back ever since.


Torfs is South African by birth but moved to Europe at the age of fifteen to seek new opportunities. He trained as a sign writer before becoming a full-time artist. He soon began to develop his own unique style and found his influences from his many trips around the world. He was particularly moved by the people that he met on his journeys, sketching them and making oil paintings on his return to the studio.


Bruno decided to create a sculpture garden at his home in Australia that could act as a permanent attraction for visitors. He was attracted to Marysville by the luscious sub-alpine forests of the surrounding area. He was fortunate to acquire a property that included an adjoining section of rain forest and this formed the perfect setting for his artwork. His gallery was built to display around 200 of his paintings from his time in Europe including paintings and smaller sculptures.


His garden began with fifteen life size terracotta sculptures and he now has over 150 pieces on display. Many are sculpted in clay and then fired on site in his kiln before finding their final resting place in the garden. Subjects are varied but include all sorts of weird and wonderful creations from mermaids to witches and wizards. Some are even more bizarre but it all adds up to a memorable experience for his many visitors.

Bruno continues to make regular additions and there are now thousands of visitors to enjoy the unique experience. You can find out more about the work of Bruno Torfs on his personal website

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2 Responses to The Garden Sculpture of Bruno Torfs

  1. linandandy says:

    This work is amazing capturing the imagination as you explore a woodland setting.

  2. roos says:

    Amazing work. Not sure if the photo’s are from after the fire, if they are, they show how nature did recover.

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