Turning Scrap into Collectable Art


One of the fastest growing sectors in the art world at the moment is that of scrap sculptures. The attractions of recycling waste materials are obvious but the popularity of this form of art is now attracting the attention of museums and galleries across the world.

Almost every type of junk from old clothes to bottles and used car parts are being used by artists to recycle and turn into an original piece of sculpture. For the purchaser there is the added “feel good factor” about something beautiful that has been created out of surplus or waste materials. With the world’s governments finally waking up to the importance of environmental issues, the future of recycled art seems to assured.


The use of waste metals is proving particularly popular with their inherent characteristic of being malleable. Derived from a variety of different sources, the more solid objects can be hammered and shaped without breaking. Wire forms can be stretched and twisted, often providing an infrastructure for large and ornate pieces.


To see these incredible sculptures created out of dumped vehicles or scrapped home appliances is quite remarkable. Some of this waste metal would be re-used but much of it would otherwise end up in a landfill site or left to rot in some forgotten corner. Of course, the actual process of recycling can produce further pollution so being able to use them in their current form is another bonus. Scrap artists can acquire these pieces from vendors at little or no cost and transform them into something that enriches our lives.

Some of these pieces have since been sold for thousands of pounds and make a statement about the value of recycling for many years to come. The form of the finished sculpture may be something instantly recognisable to us but they also carry a fascination because we can instantly see the materials that made them.


Scrap sculpture is also proving a big hit with the younger generation and schools and colleges are taking up the green theme. In fact, many art schools have even included this form of art in their curriculum and offer guidance in creating art from scrap materials.

Artists are now seeing virtually any waste objects as a possible source for materials to use in the work. Recycled art is getting famous everywhere and especially now more than ever before. Artists are using bottles, electronic parts or wasted nails as the basis to create something wonderful and customers are eager to own these original creations. The public’s perception of art is changing to go along with the times…and this could be just the beginning!

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