What Is A Data Security Agreement

This data protection agreement (“DPA”) will enter into force as soon as the terms of use are accepted. The customer provides to Sinch and the customer authorizes Sinch to process information, including personal data, for the provision of services under the service agreement (`SA`). The parties agreed to adopt this privacy statement in order to confirm the data protection provisions relating to their relationship and to comply with the requirements of existing data protection legislation. Since the RGPD came into force, data protection authorities have demonstrated their willingness to impose sanctions. And small and medium-sized enterprises have not been neglected. RGPD fines can reach 20 million euros, or 4% of the company`s global turnover. 10. Communication Security Sinch implements network security controls such as service level, firewall and segregation to protect information systems. 9. Operating security 9.1. Sinch has an established change management system for changes to business processes, facilities and information processing systems.

The change management system includes tests and checks before implementing changes, for example. B procedures to deal with urgent changes, procedures for going back after the failure of the changes, protocols that show what has been changed, when and by whom. 9.2. Sinch implements malware protection to ensure that any software used to provide Services by Sinch to the customer is protected from malware. 9.3. Sinch creates backup copies of critical information and tests backup copies to ensure that information can be retrieved as agreed with the customer. 9.4. Sinch records and controls activities such as creating, reading, copying, editing and deleting processed data, as well as exceptions, bugs and information security events. In addition, Sinch protects and stores (at least 6 months or a period of time), established by data protection legislation, protocol information and provides surveillance data to the customer on request.

Anomalies/incidents/compromise indicators must be reported in accordance with data protection rules, as shown in section 13 below. 9.5. Sinch manages vulnerabilities in all relevant technologies, such as operating systems, databases, applications, proactively and in a timely manner. 9.6. Sinch sets security bases (hardening) for all relevant technologies such as operating systems, databases, applications. 9.7. Sinch ensures that development is separated from the testing and production environment. 14.3 Sinch ensures that information security is integrated into business continuity plans. The Gigamon Insight platform includes sensors or virtual machines (“VM”) that are provided in the customer`s network. These sensors or VMs generate metadata via the monitored network traffic provided by the customer via TAP, SPAN or a mechanism similar to that of Vendor. To the extent that these metadata contain personal data, it is treated as such by the provider. 10.

India The following definitions of paragraph 1 of this data protection authority are amended as follows: “Personal data” refers to each piece of information relating to the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable person. Personal data, that is, information about a natural person directly or indirectly available from that person`s entity, either directly or indirectly, in relation to other information available or likely to be available. “special categories of personal data,” sensitive personal data or an individual`s information; This term refers to personal data that consists of password information; (ii) financial information such as bank account, credit card or debit or autr card

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