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What is it about British horse racing that attracts the world's attention? Dubbed, 'the Sport of Kings', horseracing certainly warrants closer inspection by even the most humble 'punter'. But the 'sport' (I use the term loosely, as horse racing is not technically an equestrian sport) does appear to attract all types of people. Bloodstock figures can reach into the millions, race winnings can be hundreds of thousands and gambling losses and gains can also be many thousands. But nowadays, anyone can become an owner... EVEN YOU!


For many more, it's the excitement of the gamble - placing your hopes and dreams on the nose and stride of a finely tuned animal based on your knowledge, personal preferences, predictions, analysis and gleaned information. Of course, like many others, you may follow the trends of the current top jockeys, successful trainers or fashionable bloodlines. However you choose your horses, you can always get some free helpful suggestions.

Tradition would have us believe that the whole 'sport' of racing horses was the pursuit of the rich, titled and landed gentry. Their obsession with proving their supremacy over others, even to the extent that their animals were supreme, could be said to have led to the now world famous racing industry. Once the class barriers were broken down and gambling was legalised, the bloodstock industry took on a life of its own. Bloodstock became a commodity and the right bloodlines became a mark of esteem (pardon the pun). Owning a racehorse became a status symbol for many. How impressed would your friends, relatives or colleagues be in the event that you entertained them on course at a meeting where a horse raced in your colours or name? The ability to sponsor a horse, jockey, race, meeting or training yard has opened the floodgates in corporate hospitality.


Financial status dictates the level at which you participate in horseracing but it isn't always as expensive as many would have you believe. As a general rule, you could expect to pay from 12,000 per year just to keep a horse in training, plus the initial outlay of actually purchasing the horse but with small shares, partnerships, racing clubs and syndicates, racehorse ownership has become possible for almost anyone.