1998, Scottish Writers first began as a small group of aspiring writers taking part in a variety of publishing, production and broadcasting projects and challenges, initially based in Lanarkshire, Scotland. We produced 10 editions of 'Now You Know' in both newspaper and digital format, followed by 2 printed anthologies and a plethora of newsletters and e-zines. Our writers were responsible for the first ever exclusively online newspaper in Scotland, 'Lanarkshire News', which was set up as part of Now You Know. (ISSN 1745-3402) while helping to promote Lanarkshire Television. Alongside Now You Know, we also published an alternative magazine known as Paranoid Times and these two titles went worldwide.

2004, we relocated to Wigtown, Scotland's National Book Town, in Dumfries and Galloway region of southwest Scotland.

2014, we purchased land on which to establish our long-planned outdoor project, one that will open to our members and volunteers throughout the year.

2020 vision of the future - see 2021 as Covid-19 / coronavirus pandemic / lockdown scuppered most of our plans for this year.

2021 - our outdoor project known as 'Frugaldom' is open to the public offering outdoor space for aspiring writers, poets and artists to experience this inspirational little wilderness, where creativity is alive and thriving. Enjoy nature's own therapies as you relax and unwind or help out at the project. Explore our on-site environmental art, retreat to hidden reading spaces, watch for wildlife, volunteer in the gardens and meet some of our sanctuary ponies and goats.

'Friends of Frugaldom' costs from as little as £5 per person per month and members can enjoy the benefits of free access to Frugaldom, with any work created there being published for free online within the pages of our ever expanding website. 

This is a not-for-profit social enterprise where NYK Media continues to provide research, writing and publishing services, as well as a virtual hub for our creatives. Frugaldom is the voluntary outdoor project where you can help with tree planting, hedge planting, willow coppicing, general gardening, orchard maintenance, fruit picking, wildlife habitat improvement, seed sowing, herb planting & picking. Spend a few hours or a full day - Friends of Frugaldom group members can take the opportunity to book a break at our luxury 2-bedroom caravan on the nearby holiday park or even camp out. For those with campervans or motorhomes (up to maximum 7.5m in length), we can now offer overnight parking at our CAMpRA Accredited Aire. Frugaldom is also a MotorhomeFun Certified Location and a registered animal welfare establishment.